Exciting news for the new year!

http://www.EllyDeutch.com is getting a face lift in 2011!

With the new year right around the corner, it’s time for me to start fresh and make this website what I’ve always wanted it to be. I’ll finally have some down time over the holidays to sit down and really dig into my site to redesign it and add all the features I want on here.

*Disclaimer: this is totally not an excuse for not blogging, but working long hours over the summer with my old sports team and transitioning to a new job left me no time to revamp this site, and thus it was sadly neglected.

So here’s to a great year in 2010, and many cheers to what is to come in 2011!

Stay tuned folks 🙂

EllyDeutch.com under construction!

Hi All! Thanks for tuning into my website. Unfortunately while I make the transition to a wordpress site from my old site, there is not a whole lot going on right now, but don’t you fret because I’ll have everything up and running soon!

In the meantime, you can check out my work at www.chicagoredstars.com, or follow me on Twitter @deutche or even connect with me on LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for more info 🙂